The Sexy Side of Link Building

Can you think of building new links and sex in the same context? Yes, you can and this actually makes your link building a lot more fun. Link building is a big part of website promotion and new links to your website have to be built on an ongoing basis in order to be effective. I decided to look for ways to make my link building efforts more humorous and to try and break the monotony.

Since I am a male, sex entered the equation. I decided to name and describe the various methods that I use in my link building campaigns in sex related terms. This exercise proved to be very funny and certainly broke the monotony of building links. These days I can’t wait to get started on my link campaigns.

You can use this method on any monotonous or boring task and it will definitely brighten-up your day. You will find a list of descriptions below that I have created for some of the methods and tasks that can become very boring. This article is not meant to be offensive in any way and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the descriptions.

My Fun Link Building Descriptions:

• Quickie – Posting comments on Blogs or Forums.
• Group Sex – Building links through the use of Social Bookmarking.
• The Dating Game – Submission of URL to online directories.
• Bragging about Conquests – Press Releases.
• Let’s Swop – Reciprocal or joint links between two sites.
• Is this Contagious? – Content or a video that goes viral.
• I drive a Ferrari and still have all of my own teeth – Link bait or posts that everyone likes.
• Let me Show you some Pictures – Building links through Twitpic and banners.
• My Latest Explosive Videos – Producing and uploading of videos to YouTube and the rest of the online video sites.
• The 3 Hour Session – Writing original content and submitting this to article directories and/or Blogs.
• Foreplay – Twitter and Facebook campaigns and Tweets or updates.
• Did you enjoy it as much as I did? – Website analytics and link popularity reports.
• Orgasm – Massive increase in links and website traffic.

Link building does not have to be boring and it can actually be a lot of fun. I normally engage in some 3 hour sessions, foreplay and quickies daily with the odd group sex thrown in hoping to catch something contagious. You can naturally decide on your own descriptions, based on your level of experience, and use them to great amusement.

There are some things that you have to do when you own a website and SEO link building is but one of them. Try to find fun ways to help you enjoy keyword optimization, writing new blog posts, PPC adds and more. I hope that this article made you at least smile and that you are as excited about building links as I am!

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