Me, Myself and My Viral Videos

Building your reputation online can be quicker with viral videos. To Mikko Kornohen, videos call much attention than newspapers, radios or televisions. Viral videos also produces domino effects with electrifying momentum. This is the reason why YouTube is popular and has a page rank of nine.

If you are at home right now and doing nothing, begin your online business by gathering videos from YouTube and use this technique to obtain money.

creating Viral Video- Tips and Suggestions

Having a funny video niche produces a lot of attention. These days, funny videos are in. Numerous people wants to laugh and will surely come back to your niche for more.

No need of targeting a clear-cut scope. Your audience is everyone in the world. As long as your funny videos composes of these three variables (Quality Traffic, Longevity, and Overall Theme), your business will surely a hit!

Quality Traffic

This is the first consideration you need to remember while searching for viral videos. Choose a video that can’t only generate traffic to your niche but also creates traffic in the long run?

Are you really in for comedy? Or are you more gratified with other niches?

There are various niches out there but you need to even up your niche to your likes and interests. For example, if you love David Beckham, I am sure you go for funny soccer videos.

Or choose dogs. Many people admire dogs and your blog will surely be filled with clicks and comments if you regularly update it with funny dog videos.

Other crowd-pleasing viral videos that bring quality traffic:

Funny Police Videos
Stupid Video Clips
Tutorial How-to Videos
Tennis Funny Videos
Sexy and Erotic Videos
Product Review Videos


The trademark of your viral videos must match the theme of your site or blog. To make things better, it also a good practice to make original viral videos sometimes. Don’t easily be contented from embedding videos in YouTube or Google Video. For you to know, posting for the sake of posting is not enough.

Overall Theme

The boom of your viral video campaign depends on how excellent are you in preserving your overall theme. Whatever the theme of your niche, it should easily knock your audience’s heart.

These days, with fiscal meltdown- people look ahead to lots of humor from you. It is also good, if the motif of your viral videos are about soul searching, aims to support people to find their inner courage within.

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